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Our Focus

ICONIC's investment strategy is to aggressively target generally stable but under-invested properties with value creation strategies. Value-creation strategies include a) asset re-positioning through amenity, quality and visual upgrades b) vacancy lease-up and mark-to-market leasing and c) focus on tenants long-term needs

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Geographic Focus

Our market focus is on major East Coast, Southeast and Midwest markets and select secondary markets in MSA's with a population of two-million and above with strong economic growth prospects.

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Core Focus

  • Asset Quality: Class B and above.

  • Core, well-leased, operationally stable properties with low near-term rollover in leases and/or staggered lease expirations for existing tenants.

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Value Focus

Properties presenting operational risk or deficiency - such as low occupancy levels, capital requirements or inefficient management -  that present opportunity to add value generally through improved management, leasing, recapitalization, renovation and/or repositioning.

Our Focus: Service
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